A piece of Empire history

Imperity started out as a small brand somewhere in beautiful Italy, with the philosophy of making professional hair care accessible and affordable for everyone. Entirely in this way of thinking, Imperity Professional was founded a few decades ago. Like many brands they started, the brand started with shampoos, conditioners and of course hair dye. Not much later, the ever-growing range was expanded even further with serums, treatments and styling products. Little by little, Imperity grew into what it has become today. A lot has changed over the years, we know that keratin and argan oil are good for the hair. The ingredients SLS, Parabens and other chemical additives are not good for our lush hair. Our products are adapted to this knowledge. Innovative as Imperity is, we have been busy developing new and improved products for the past 2 years. Completely new lines have been developed completely in the spirit of the times of organic, natural and of course caring ingredients.

Imperity hair care

The Imperity hair care consists of different hair care lines that are suitable for different hair types. The line consists of:

  • Imperity Shampoo
  • Imperity Conditioner
  • Imperity Hair Masks
  • Imperity treatment / serum
  • Imperity Hair Tonic / Lotion

Use the Imperity Shampoo for optimal cleaning and care. By using Imperity shampoo, the hair gets rid of all dirt and residue. The hair is optimally cleaned without affecting the natural balance of the hair. The hair will look beautiful and healthy again. Imperity Conditioner ensures silky and supple hair. In addition, the hair gets a sparkling shine. Imperity Hair Masks care for, repair, moisturize and protect the hair. Imperity Treatment / Serum provides a brilliant shine, intense care and protection of the hair color. The Imperity Hair Tonic / Lotion is indispensable for overproduction of sebum on the scalp that causes greasy hair.

Fast delivery and customer service

All orders are shipped from our logistics warehouse in the center of the country. Hundreds of packages leave our warehouse every day on their way to a satisfied customer.

If there are any questions about a certain product, you want advice about dyeing your hair, for example, or you are curious when your package will be delivered, our customer service is ready for you. Our customer service can be reached by telephone on 033 258 43 43, or via [email protected].