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After Color

When you have dyed hair, you want to enjoy the color for a long time. To keep the hair in a healthy condition after a dye treatment, a hair mask is very important. A post-treatment, such as a hair mask, ensures that the hair remains soft and supple and it maintains its healthy condition. The products contain color protective ingredients that prevent color fading and color change. Products that are suitable for maintaining the optimal color of the hair are the products of the Imperity After-color line. With this product line you are guaranteed to enjoy your hair coloring for longer.

Imperity After-color products

The product line consists of four different products:

  • Imperity After Color Acid Technique Cuticle Sealer pH 4.5 Shampoo
  • Imperity After Color Acid Technique Cuticle Sealer Cream
  • Imperity After Color Acid Technique Cuticle Sealer Anti-Odor Mask
  • Imperity After Color Acid Technique Maintain pH 5.5 Shampoo

impe rity After Color Acid Technique Cuticle Sealer Anti-Odor Mask is the ideal mask to use after painting. This mask protects and optimizes the hair color, so that the hair color automatically stays beautiful for longer. Imperity After Color Acid Technique Cuticle Sealer pH 4.5 Shampoo is a shampoo for dyed hair. This shampoo keeps the hair color longer and this keeps the color in optimal condition for longer, because the color pigments are locked in place.

After a hair dye treatment or hair coloring, the hair deserves extra attention and care. A color treatment can cause quite a bit of stress for the hair, which is why Imperity comes with the After Color Acid Technique Cuticle Sealer Cream. The unique composition of this product closes the cuticle layer after a technical treatment (for example hair coloring) and makes the hair smooth. In addition, the Cuticle Sealer ensures that the color pigments are better retained in the hair.

Imperity After-color Specifications

Imperity After-color products have special properties. As described above, the products ensure longer color retention of the hair. The hair color is protected and this prevents it from fading. This product line also provides silky soft hair. The hair is intensely nourished and cared for. In addition, all products are free of SLS and parabens.

Buy Imperity After-color

The entire Imperity collection can be found at hairandbeautyonline.com. These products can be ordered quickly, safely and easily online. Of course at the best prices. Keep an eye on our webshop for the latest offers, promotions and discount codes, so that you can order your favorite Imperity product at an extra cost.

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Imperity After Color