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The Imperity Superior Luxury line can be used for every hair type. Each product from the Imperity Superior Luxury line has 15 different functions. This means there is a suitable function for every type of hair. The products provide ultimate hydration of the hair. The special, luxurious formula with tea tree oil, organic argan oil, silk protein and panthenol provides complete care for the hair. Thanks to the combination of vitamins and vegetable oils, the hair structure of the hair is enriched. Tea tree oil is a natural, pure, essential oil, extracted from the Australian tea tree. This oil has a particularly wide range of applications. It supports both the resistance and the restorative capacity of the skin. The Imperity Superior Luxury line can be recognized by the red and gold colored bottles. And has a very pleasant scent.

The 15 functions of the Imperity Superior Luxury line

  1. It nourishes and moisturizes dry hair
  2. It smoothes the hair
  3. It relieves the hair
  4. It straightens the hair
  5. It has an anti-static effect
  6. It strengthens and protects the hair color
  7. It repairs damaged hair
  8. It restores volume and weight
  9. It protects and seals the cuticle
  10. It protects against temperature, moisture and UV radiation
  11. It prevents worn hair ends
  12. It shortens the drying time
  13. It inhibits aging
  14. It makes the hair shiny
  15. It provides a pleasant scent

The products of the Imperity Superior Luxury line

IMPERITY Superior Luxury Conditioning Shampoo is a cream shampoo and balm that has 15 great benefits for the hair, which are described above. IMPERITY Superior Luxury Hair Treatment is a leave-in treatment that provides silky soft hair. This hair treatment can be used on any hair type. Thanks to the sublime combination of vitamins and vegetable oils, the hair structure is enriched.

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The entire Imperity collection can be found at hairandbeautyonline.com. These products can be ordered quickly, safely and easily online. Of course at competitive prices, keep an eye on our webshop for the latest offers, promotions and discount codes, so that you can order your favorite Imperity product extra cheaply.

Fast delivery and customer service

All orders are shipped from our logistics warehouse in the center of the country. Hundreds of packages leave our warehouse every day on their way to a satisfied customer.

If you have any questions about a particular product, you want advice about dyeing your hair, for example, or you are curious about when exactly your package will be delivered, our customer service is ready to help you. Our customer service can be reached by telephone on 033 258 43 43, or via [email protected].

Imperity Superior Luxury