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  • Imperity Singularity Color Hair Dye Mix Shades
  • Imperity Singularity Color Hair Dye Mix Shades
  • Imperity Singularity Color Hair Dye Mix Shades
  • Imperity Singularity Color Hair Dye Mix Shades

Imperity Singularity Color Hair Dye Mix Shades

Imperity Singularity Hair Dye is a professional hair dye that provides a beautiful permanent hair color.
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Imperity Singularity Color Mix Tints

A creamy hair color rich in organic argan oil, flaxseed oil, and white pearl extract, available in over 100 shades. Its cutting-edge formula provides unique performance, gray hair coverage, hair quality and shine. Singularity Professional Cream Hair Dye is a premium quality product for professional use. Its modern formula provides perfect gray hair coverage, maximum protection and long-lasting color stability. The special feature that gives a unique color result lies in the micro size of the color pigment particles, the tiny pigment particles get more easily into the structure of the hair, where they are more evenly distributed and adhere. The valuable organic argan oil nourishes and hydrates the hair in a natural way, thus increasing the elasticity of the curls when it enters the pores, and the vitamins E, F, and A in flaxseed oil as well as Omega 3 and Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids strengthen the hair structure. Flaxseed oil also plays a major role in protecting hair ends and preventing hair loss as a source of iron and zinc. The use of Singularity cream hair color ensures a unique brilliant color result, perfect coverage and the elimination of grey strands.

Features Imperity Singularity:

  • Permanent hair dye
  • Long Lasting Vibrant Hair Color
  • Green tea extracts
  • Wheat and almond proteins
  • Vitamin B5
  • Optimal coloring & hydration

Use Imperity Singularity:

40vol: Lightens hair with 3 or 4 shades. 30vol: Lightens hair with 2 or 3 shades. 20vol: one shade hair coloring, gray hair coverage or lightening with a shade. 10vol: darkening with a shade, coloring faded hair. If the hair needs to be lightened with more than 4 shades, we recommend the use of ultralight shades. Preparation: mix one part paint mixture with one and a half parts Singularity Oxivator in a non-metallic bowl. The mixing of the Ultralight shades is done in a different proportion: one part of the paint mixture must be mixed with two parts of Singularity Oxivator. First application: apply the prepared hair dye mixture, spread evenly on the hairs and ends of the hair and leave on for 10 minutes. At the end of the effect time, prepare the same hair dye mixture, apply evenly on the hair roots and leave on for another 30 minutes. To refresh color: apply evenly on hair roots and regrowth, then leave on for 30 minutes. At the end of the effect time, add a little lukewarm water, apply the mixture to the hairs and ends of the hair, then leave on for another 10 minutes.

Imperity Singularity Color is available in a 100ml package.


Aqua [Water], Cetearyl alcohol, Propylene glycol, Ceteareth-25, Myristyl myristate, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Ammonium hydroxide, Parfum [Fragrance], EDTA, Basic red 51, Basic orange 31, Argania spinosa kernel oil, Linum usitatissimum (Linseed) seed oil, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed pearl

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